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"When in Rome, Do the Romans" - Teasing Wench
ashleyfanfic's Fan Fiction
"When in Rome, Do the Romans"
Title: When in Rome, Do the Romans
Author: teasingwench
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: 58. Blaise/Hermione: Romance in Rome
Summary: Hermione wants to go out, Blaise wants to stay in...

She sighed heavily as her lover placed kisses along her throat and was moving his way down to her collarbone. When her sigh went unnoticed, she did it again, this time actually getting recognition from the man above her, but not his fully attention as he cast his eyes up to look at hers through his thick dark lashes. He went back to nibbling on her skin as she finally took all she could take and pushed at him, “Blaise.”

He sighed as his hand snaked beneath the sheet, one of the few items on the bed that had remained over the last few days. As a much needed break and a way to celebrate their two year anniversary, Blaise had surprised Hermione with a trip to Rome, Italy for a few days. After having been together six years and married for two, Hermione found that married life was wonderful in some respects and tough in others.

She and Blaise were a perfect match. He made a point of telling her so when he first asked her to dinner. She’d thought him to be haughty, in a sexy way, as well as a bit mysterious. She couldn’t remember in all the years she went to Hogwarts ever hearing him speak. But after graduation and the fall of Voldemort, she’d received a job offer from the Muggle Department at the Ministry of Magic and gladly took it. She didn’t work with him, he was an Auror with Harry, but she heard about him.

Her friend would tell her about his enigmatic partner who had few conversational skills. Harry often complained that the silence was almost deafening between them sometimes that he would almost want the Slytherin to scream at him just to have some sort of noise in the room. He’d found that he often began babbling in the presence of the other, and this bothered her friend. Harry hated to be the one to fill the silence. It was about six months after they’d began working together that Blaise had broken the silence, and when asked about it, Harry mumbled something about the boy that she hadn’t heard and Harry repeated himself just to get her to leave him alone about it. He’d asked about her.

This seemed to put Harry off his game. He didn’t mind Blaise, she had gathered that from Harry, but he didn’t like the other man being interested in his best friend. He felt he was her big brother and had to tell the other to stay away from her. Hermione didn’t like this at all. She was a bit perturbed with her friend for doing such a thing. She wondered how many other love matches Harry had pushed away because of his big brother issues.

She’d told Harry to repair what he’d done and tell Blaise whatever it was he wanted to know. Three days later, Blaise had gone up to her while she was having lunch in the Ministry café and took the seat in front of her. The cocky smile on his face reminded her too much of Draco Malfoy, but it wasn’t as spiteful. He’d said a few words to her that stuck in her head all the time she was with him, “You like me.”

It wasn’t true. Not then anyway. She didn’t even know him; just the basics. She knew his name, where he went to school, what house he’d been sorted into, and his current occupation. She liked to know more about people; she wanted to know more about everything, and people were no different. She had closed her book, put down her sandwich and frowned. He saw that the cocky attitude wasn’t going to go very far with her. He had straightened, asked her on a date, and she’d accepted.
It had been months of dates; dinners, dancing, museums, shopping, and talks before she realized that she really couldn’t find anyone who could treat her better. He respected her mind as well as wanted her body. He couldn’t keep his hands off of her, but they were taking it slow. She was twenty years old and was still a virgin. When the rest of Hogwarts was off shagging in the Astronomy Tower, she had been in the library studying for NEWTS, which is why she had the highest grades in Hogwarts history.

Blaise had understood. For nine months he did nothing but understand. They’d be fooling around and she would tell him to stop, and he understood. She’d say something to him and he would get this look in his eyes that she had quickly come to understand as longing and she would squash the longing before it started, and he understood. Sometimes, she was tired of him being so understanding. She wanted the fairytale, the parts she read in bodice rippers where the man was so consumed with wanting her that he swept her off her feet and carried her to his room and made love to her all night.

She had been scared. Scared of what they meant to one another and scared of what it would mean once they’d slept together. She didn’t want him to become distant afterwards. She didn’t want him to leave her. She couldn’t put a voice to her fears, though. She knew he was frustrated. Hell, she was too. But she couldn’t get rid of the nagging inside of her head telling her that she wasn’t good enough for the man. That he was beautiful and deserved someone equally as beautiful. He deserved someone who would look good beside him. Not someone with a plain face and wild hair.

It had been the middle of that tenth month when they’d been grinding against one another on her sofa and she’d stopped him that she saw his frustration on his face. His body was rigid above her and the look on his face was that of anger and need as he’d climbed off of her. She apologized and he’d almost yelled at her not to apologize. She immediately grew defensive and he’d knelt in the floor beside where she was sitting on the couch. He’d asked what it was he had done, what put her off, and she was honest with him. Really honest. She’d told him everything. All her fears, her doubts, her self loathing, and he had listened. He seemed a bit defensive when she said that she feared he would leave her after they had sex, but she had assured him that it was nothing he had done, just a fear she had.

After days of talking off and on about the subject, Hermione finally realized that there wouldn’t be a point where she wasn’t a bit afraid. She would always have the fear that he would leave her or their relationship would end, but part of living was taking risks. And she took one on him. He had been taken off guard, just planning to cook dinner for her, but when she told him during their meal that she wanted him and that she was finally sure, there would be no stopping, he nearly jumped out of his seat, swept her off her feet and took her to his bedroom. She remembered being nervous, more than anything. He had taken his time, understanding, once again, that this was a big step for her and that she wasn’t just jumping into this half heartedly. She was giving a part of herself over to him and he gave her his heart in return.

It was a year and a half before he had proposed. They had been laying in bed, Blaise tracing patterns on her back, and nonchalantly asked her to marry him. She thought he was kidding until she realized that he was reaching for the night table beside his bed and removed the ring box from inside. She’d done everything she could think of not to cry. She found that it was hard to keep her emotions in check, but managed. She kissed him several times, screaming yes at the top of her lungs as he pinned her beneath him and slid the ring onto her finger.

Their wedding had been a small affair, but the reception had been a huge one. She was sure that everyone she had ever met had been invited to the party. Blaise’s family had paid for everything, claiming that their son getting married was reason enough to pay for a huge party. Everything had been perfect during the reception, but the wedding was a different story when Harry had lost his vest and Ginny had lost one of her shoes. Hermione hadn’t been sure, but she would have bet they lost the two things together doing something they weren’t suppose to be doing in a church.

After the first two years, they were still mad about one another, but life had quickly gotten in the way and they had started spending less and less time with one another. Their lives away from one another had become bogged down and miserable. Working opposite shifts from one another wasn’t working and they were both miserable within weeks. After months of dealing with work being put in front of their marriage, Blaise had finally had enough. As a surprise to his dear wife, he’d scheduled a trip to Italy. He’d kept it quiet, making plans behind her back. He even got the all clear from her boss that it was fine if she took a vacation since she hadn’t had one the whole time she’d been working there.

Hermione lit up, the love she felt for her husband coming full force to her eyes as he surprised her with the trip. They were going to spend two weeks with one another, uninterrupted, enjoying a tour of Italy. However, due to their prolonged absence from their love life, they had left the bed for little more than to relieve themselves and Hermione was ready to see Italy. Her husband always seemed to distract her from that part.

“I would like to get out of this bed sometime in the near future.”

“We’ve done it on the sofa already.”

She smirked and shook her head, “No. I would like to tour this beautiful country while we’re here.”

He shook his head, “There are better things to do in Rome than sight see.”

“Such as?”

He smiled, “You know the saying, ‘When in Rome, do the Romans’,” he said with a smile.

“You’re not from Rome.”

“How do you know?”

She smirked, “You make it a point to tell me that you’re from Florence.”


She laughed, “Blaise, I want to get out of bed,” she said as she threw the sheet off her body and stood. She walked to the dresser and began getting dressed. He sighed from the bed and she turned to see him laying on his back staring at the ceiling. “Are you going to get up?”

“I’m up. That’s the problem.”

She smiled, “I see.”

He moved to the edge of the bed and sighed, “I’ve just missed you and my plans for the time we’re here was to be inside you.”

She shivered at his words, staring into his indigo eyes, “I know. But I’ve never been here, and as much as the idea appeals to me, I’m getting cabin fever. I have to get out.”

He smiled, “I know. So, I’ll be the loving, giving husband I am and let you have your way.”

She chuckled, “Thank you.”

She turned back to the dresser and searched through her clothes for a suitable pair of pants to wear. Going out in a tank and her panties was hardly appropriate. She felt his hands on her hips and his lips against her temple, “I love you.”

She turned in his arms, “I love you too.” He leaned down and kissed her, quickly taking her mind off of leaving the room. As he continued kissing her, he moved back to the bed, and it wasn’t until she was laying on her back and his hand was up her shirt that she stopped him, “Blaise.”

He sighed, “Fine.” He smiled, “We’ll do what the tourists do. We’ll take pictures of places I’ve seen and bore our friends with them later.”

She chuckled, “Now that’s the right idea.”

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