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Just the Way You Are - Harry Potter - Draco/Hermione - One Shot - Teasing Wench
ashleyfanfic's Fan Fiction
Just the Way You Are - Harry Potter - Draco/Hermione - One Shot
Title: Just the Way You Are
author: ashleyfanfic
Rating: R
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Summary: Hermione sets out to prove a theory and gets an answer from someone unexpected.
Author's note: Big apologies to sesptwd for taking so long to write this. I had most of it finished in May and no time to finish it. I really hope you like it.
Another Note: This was written for reetinkerbell's The Fantastic Clichés And Why You Should Write Them Fic-A-Thon.

She hated the spring; the random hookups and lovey-dovieness of the people around her were enough to make her vomit. Everywhere she looked was couples: happy, googily-eyed couples. She wished they’d all take a running leap off the Astronomy Tower. Her own friends were no better. Harry, three years after taking her to the Yule Ball, finally realized that Pavrati was much more than just a convenient fill-in date. He’d been seen snogging her in the middle of the corridors on more than one occasion. Ron had finally been captured by Luna. After months of avoiding questions about whether or not he liked her, he was finally caught by Harry and herself in the Charms classroom getting to know Luna “up-close-and-personal”.

Her friends were traitors against the evil that was spring and hormones. She didn’t begrudge their happiness, she just hated that she was alone in her…solitude. She was the smartest witch in her year. She was a third of the Trio that had brought about the end to Voldemort. She had been called the brightest witch in the last hundred years, and yet, she was alone. That didn’t seem fair to her.

She marched into her shared common room. The head boy chosen for her year had been none other than Draco Malfoy. She had been less than thrilled at first and even less happy as the year went on. He had worse mood swings than she thought was possible for a boy. She wasn’t sure how to handle him most of the time.

He had what she liked to categorize as the three different Dracos. First, there was the surly obnoxious wizard that she’d known throughout her years at Hogwarts. This was the person that delighted in tormenting her friends and starting fights with other Gryffindors. He didn’t make many appearances since he’d been appointed as Head Boy, but he was prone to coming around once in a while. Draco, surprisingly, had seemed to be very diplomatic and agreeable.

That led to the second Draco. Official Head Boy, dutiful Draco. He was the one that was much more to her liking. He took his job as Head Boy very seriously, and despite objections from some of her housemates, had been a rather agreeable sort-of roommate. He was tidy, punctual, and intelligent, everything you would want in a partner when it came to seeing about the safety and health of their fellow students. This was the Draco that she had come to find a common ground with.

Then there was the last Draco. This guy she wasn’t sure about. Usually because he wouldn’t say anything when he was in this phase. He was quite and brooding in a way, but always looking at her. It made her on edge. She didn’t like it one bit. She couldn’t read this one. He was different from the other two in so many ways. He would get this look in his eyes that she couldn’t figure out. He was an enigma, sure enough. She felt like he was looking at her with something close to…hunger, but as soon as she’d catch him in this mode, he’d change, quickly into one of the others and acted as if he hadn’t been watching her. But she knew. She could feel it along her spine when he’d stare at her, so even if she confronted him on it and he denied it, she’d know that she had been right.

But she was hardly in the mood to deal with any of those different facets of his personality in the mood she was in and was thankful that he was nowhere to be found. She crossed the room quickly and shut herself in her bedroom. She enjoyed the privacy. Being an only child made you accustomed to certain things, privacy for one, and when she got to Hogwarts she learned quickly that it was something she should cherish when she was home. But a perk for being Head Girl was the private room. It was something she didn’t know she’d been missing. She lay back on her bed and stared at the canopy above her.

She didn’t want to feel like the only person in the school not with someone. She always wondered if it was something she did that made the boys not want her. She would quickly shake that off, believing what her mother would tell her, that if a boy really liked her, he would like everything about her. She didn’t want to doubt her mother, but when everyone else in the school was sucking-face in the hallway, she had to wonder about her mother’s theory.

She stood and looked in her floor length mirror and found that there wasn’t really anything bad about how she looked. Sure, she was plain, but that had always worked to her advantage. Viktor had seen past the…ordinariness of her and saw what was beneath; she wondered why other boys didn’t see the same thing. She didn’t want to do anything drastic to her appearance, but she decided she would try a few things the next day, just to see what sort of reaction she could get from people. If it was a positive one and she suddenly had offers for her to meet people in the Astronomy Tower, then she knew that her mother’s theory was for the birds. However, if it didn’t receive any sort of reaction, then she knew the problem was, and this was the scariest part of all, her.


Draco was in a surly mood when he walked into the Great Hall. He’d received a letter from his father telling him that word had reached him in Azkaban that he’d been making nice with Hermione. He wouldn’t call it making nice, but he’d rather not have her shrill voice in his ear every five minutes, so he gave her a bit of breathing room. He was courteous, not because he wanted to be, but because it looked better for him to get along with the Head Girl since he was Head Boy.

Even in his head he didn’t believe any of that. Hermione Granger was one of the few things in the world that he hadn’t been able to figure out. She cared nothing for what people besides her precious Potter and Weasley thought of her. When it came to other males in the school she was oblivious to them all. He thought for a while that she might like females, but that was dashed when he’d seen her at the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum. He often wondered what really came of that relationship.

What he really wondered about was whether or not Krum had done the unthinkable and taken the virginity of one of the most virginal girls in the school. Just because she seemed like she was one didn’t mean she was. Pansy seemed like one of the biggest whores in the school, but he knew for a fact that she was a virgin. Since finding out that information, he’d questioned every thought he’d had about the girls in the school. Was it really always the quiet ones? Hermione Granger was far from quiet, but she just didn’t seem like the type, which made him even more curious.

He took his familiar seat in the Great Hall between Crabbe and Goyle, and his eyes naturally sought out his counterpart at the Gryffindor table. He had no misconceptions about anything ever happening between them. Her friends wouldn’t allow it, his father would kill him, and all of wizarding society would be shocked to their knees. The first and third one didn’t bother him, but the one in the middle scared him in ways he couldn’t mention.

Lucius Malfoy had been in prison for two years. His mother made him visit on every holiday he was free. He hated it more than anything. If there was one thing his father being in prison did it was make him want a different path and life. He wanted better than to sit in prison and rot away. His father, a once intimidating man with his stature and height was now, virtually, wasting away in prison. He looked nothing like the man he used to know. His face was almost hollow, his cheeks sunken in to give him an almost dead look. His skin was sallow, his hair limp, his body shrinking, and he was only getting worse. Azkaban was not a place Draco wanted to end up. He didn’t want to be like his father. But he didn’t see where he had another choice.

He sighed when he didn’t see Hermione, and turned to his breakfast. He didn’t really listen as Crabbe talked to Millicent or Daphne; he wasn’t paying attention, about the glory that was bacon. He thought it might be Millicent since she was the more likely candidate for talk of food. His mind was occupied on where his counterpart was. He wondered if she was ill. He shook that out of his mind, she would have let him know immediately if she wasn’t feeling well so he could delegate who was to take over her duties for the day. He wondered if she had had a falling out with her two idiot friends. As he looked at the two dunderheads and saw their joyful smiles, he realized that there had been no falling out. When the three were in a tiff, the two looked lost without the girl leading them where they needed to be for the day. He then came to the conclusion that she must have gone to the library. If Hermione wasn’t in her room, with her friends, in class, or making her rounds, she was in the library. He sighed; there were times when he hated her need for knowledge.

But what walked into the Great Hall moments later he hadn’t been prepared for. The normally prim and proper Hermione Granger was gone and now there was what he was going to refer to, in his head only, as sexpot!Hermione. Her hair, which was normally bushy, seemed wild and out of control in a good way. He didn’t know exactly what had happened to it, but it was different. It almost looked as if someone had been running their fingers through it as they shagged her. He shook that thought out of his head. If it was true he didn’t want to be sent to Azkaban for murder. Then there was her face. Her normally make-up free face didn’t look like it was painted up, but it was. He could tell. Having spent a majority of his time staring at her lately he knew that she was wearing something around her eyes and on her lips. Her eyes were smoky, accenting her long lashes. Her lips, which were normally an attention grabber for him, seemed to glisten in the early light. But her hair and face were only the beginning.

He wondered if the house elves had shrunken her wardrobe. Her shirt seemed far tighter than normal, a few of the buttons at the top straining to stay together. Her tie hadn’t been done up yet, instead it hung loosely around her neck, something that was also very uncharacteristic of her. She was always done up proper before leaving her room, and this morning she looked as if she couldn’t muster the time to right herself. But right herself from what was the question. He hoped that there wasn’t someone in the picture. He didn’t think he could handle that. He swept those thoughts aside and followed down her narrow waist to her skirt that he knew was shorter than regulation. He was seeing much more of her bare leg than normal, and while he liked it, he didn’t want others to stare at her legs the way he was.

All together, the outfit made her like a mix between a naughty girl that should be punished and something innocent that he wanted to taint. His hands burned to run along her bare thighs and beneath that skirt. His lips wanted to be against hers so badly that he was having a hard time controlling himself. Her appearance had caused a stir in the crowd, and she seemed less than thrilled about it. He wondered what the point of this was if she didn’t want attention.

“Would you look at her? She looks like a common whore,” Pansy spat from beside him.

Draco decided to say nothing, instead he watched as her two male friends stared at her slack-jawed, almost as if they realized for the first time that she was female and had breasts. She gave them both a scowl as she ignored them throughout breakfast where Ron spilled juice on the table as Hermione had reached over and grabbed a helping of eggs, giving him a peek down her shirt and Harry stuttered through sentences. She didn’t look happy at all, and he hated it for her.

Half way through, after Harry had knocked her cup over, she stood up, exasperated and stormed out of the Great Hall. Pansy shook her head, “Unbelievable. How could the teachers not say anything to her about how she was dressed?”

Draco rolled his eyes, “Pansy, you’re only mad because you didn’t think of it first.”

She stared at him for several seconds, her mouth agape, before she whacked him with the back of her hand, “I’ve never been so insulted.”

Pansy stormed out of the Great Hall behind Granger and Draco sighed, not really caring that Pansy’s feelings were hurt. Instead, he wondered what had sparked the change in Hermione. The bell for class rang, and Draco kicked himself for not going after her sooner. He was going to picture her all morning in that too-tight top and that short skirt. He’d probably have to find the loo during the day just to relieve a bit of the tension that the image caused to rise in his trousers.


Hermione made her way back into her room later that afternoon. She’d put her robe on over her uniform and the boys had stopped staring at her like she’d grown another head. She was furious. How could they have treated her in such a way? They were acting as if she had sprouted another head instead of tightened her shirt a bit. Yes, she had done it all to see their reaction, but it had been the opposite of what she’d wanted. She wanted a boy to pay attention to her, to want her, but she realized that she didn’t like the way they looked at her when she dressed like a common slag.

She undressed quickly and made her way into the bathroom to rid her face of the make-up. She pulled her hair back into a pony-tail and rid her face of anything that didn’t belong there. She stared in the mirror, her cheeks a bit pink, but clear of stain. She was just Hermione. She frowned, realizing that just Hermione wasn’t enough. She moved into her room and pulled on her favorite shorts and a rocker-t that her mother had sent her. The name of the band that once adorned the shirt had faded almost into nonexistence, but it was comfortable and that’s what she wanted to be.

She grabbed her bag and moved back into the common room, ready to do some work. She settled into her favorite part of the sofa and opened the book on her lap. She had no plans to go to dinner. She didn’t want to hear people talking about her or eyeing her because of her earlier stunt. She felt bad enough that she didn’t need them to help.

She soon found that she was enthralled in the book and didn’t notice when the door to the common room opened and Draco walked in dressed in his Quidditch gear. She didn’t notice when he removed his boots, pads, and shirt and stood beside the door staring at her. She did notice that her book went flying out of her hand into his after he waved his wand. “A bit of light reading, Granger?”

She rolled her eyes, and did her best not to stare at his bare chest, “Yes, if you don’t mind, I need my book back.”

He sighed, “What’s with you today?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” he said as he walked over to her and handed the book back, “what was with the outfit this morning in the Great Hall?”

She shook her head, “Nothing, just disproving a theory.”

“What theory is that?” He asked as he took a seat beside her.

She frowned, “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.” She opened her book to the page she’d been on and said nothing to him for several moments in which he had thoughts about throwing her book across the room and shagging her on the sofa. He restrained himself however and decided a different approach. “I like you better like this,” he said softly. “You looked like something out of a trashy magazine earlier.”

She slowly turned to look at him, “What?”

He opened his mouth to say something and then decided against it. He couldn’t have her. He could seduce her, tell her everything she wanted to hear, but in the end she wasn’t something that he could indulge in. His father would have him killed if anyone was to find out and if she was his he’d want the world to know.

He shook his head, “Nothing. I’m going to have a shower,” he said as he stood and made his way to his room. He knew he was playing with fire in saying anything like that to her. His fear of what could happen in the future should he give in to his need for her kept him from doing anything.

He stripped off his clothes as he walked into the bathroom. Draco frowned as he thought about what his father would do should he find out that he was even entertaining the thought. He heard a knock on his door and willed himself to ignore it. He clenched his fists and climbed into the shower, ignoring the pounding at his door. He leaned his head against the tile. He allowed the hot water to wash over his back when he heard a soft voice outside the door of his bathroom.


He sighed, “What?”

“I want to talk to you.”

He frowned, “Not now.”

“Look, I’m-I’m coming in!”

Draco looked back at the door and furrowed his brow, “Why?”

“I want to talk to you!” she said as he heard the door close behind her.

“I can’t imagine what you have to say to me that can’t wait until I’m out of here,” he shouted over the sound of the water as he watched her form through the smoky covered glass door.

She leaned against the sink and stared at her feet, “It’s about what you said.”

“What did I say?” He asked, even though he knew what she meant.

“How you…well, how you liked me better without the tart-y clothes.”

He shrugged, “What about it?”

He knew without having to see her that she was biting her lip, “Did you mean it?”

He sighed, “Does it matter?”

“It does to me.”

He frowned, “Yeah, yeah I meant it.”

“Well, uh, what does that mean?”

He rubbed his face, “Well, it means that I like you just the way you are.”

“You like me?”

He huffed out an indignant breath, “Of course I like you Granger. You’d think you would have caught on to that by now,” he said as he turned the water off and reached his hand out of the door for a towel and was relieved when his hand grasped it. He pulled it into the stall with him and wrapped it around his waist before he stepped out of the shower. “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get dressed now,” he said as he walked back into his bedroom and pulled out a pair of boxers. When he turned she was still standing in his room.

“I’m not finished talking to you.”

He rolled his eyes, “Obviously. It would be in both of our best interests if you left this room and didn’t ask anymore questions.”

“Why do you keep saying that? What would it hurt for me to ask you questions?”

“Because you would get answers your not ready for.”

“Such as?”

“You asked me if I meant it, and I did. I meant it. I meant it from the bottom of my black heart.”

She took a step forward, “What does that mean?”

He put his head in his hands, “It means that despite anything I say here, nothing, none of this,” he said gesturing between the two of them, “is possible.”

She chewed on her lip, “Why?” was her whispered reply.

He shook his head, “My father would kill both of us.”

“Your father is in prison,” she said matter-of-factly.

“He has his ways, Granger.” He frowned, “As much as I would love to continue standing here having this conversation with you, in which I tell you all the things you want to hear and we inevitably end up shagging, I just can’t seem to do that to myself.”

She frowned, “You can’t soil yourself with someone like me?” she said in a soft voice.

He shook his head, “What? No! I can’t let myself,” he paused, “hope.”

Her eyes brightened as she took another step forward and now she was leaning against the post of his bed, only a foot from him. “Hope for what?”

He looked at the floor, “What do you think, Granger?”

She looked at the floor, trying to process everything that had been said and trying to ignore his wet bare chest in front of her. She wasn’t completely successful with the second one. But in a split second she knew what she wanted, and knew it was him.

She stepped closer to him, clearly invading his personal space and raised a hand to trace a water drop as it slowly drifted over his chest. “What’s wrong with hope?” she whispered.

He shook his head as he swallowed the lump in his throat, “Nothing. But hoping for something I know that I can never have doesn’t work for me.”

“What if it could work? What if we find a way? Because now that I know, I can’t let the only person who’s ever said that they like me just the way I am walk out of my life without letting him know that, aside from his arrogance, which I understand, I like him just the way he is.”

“Get out,” he said gently.

She shook her head, “No.”

“Granger, I’m asking you to leave before we both do something we’ll regret.”

She looked up at him, “Would you regret it?”

He was silent as her fingers traced over the ridges of his body and he grasped her shoulders in his hands, “Never.”

She reached up on her toes and kissed him. He was startled at first but quickly caught up and pressed her against the bedpost she had been leaning against before. His tongue licked her lips asking for entrance and she granted it with a moan. His tongue moved against hers, simply sliding back and forth as his hands moved over her sides and hips. “Draco,” she whispered as his lips moved over the soft skin of her neck.

He stopped at the juncture of neck and shoulder and rubbed his nose against her skin, “It can’t be for one night.”

She shook her head, “No, it can’t.”

He pulled back so he could look her in the face, “But I don’t see how it can be anything else,” he said sadly.

She moved her hands to his face, “We’ll work it out.”

“But,” he started and she brought her lips to his again. She moved his hands from her hips making her able to pull her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She then kicked off her pants, leaving her in her bra and panties. She blushed a bit as she realized that they weren’t fancy, but plain white underwear. He groaned before he kissed her again and moved his hands up to her bra.

She would recall later that she didn’t remember when he lost his towel or when they made it onto the bed. She would only remember the look in his eyes as he removed her panties and did the most delicious things to her with his tongue. He wouldn’t recall when she removed her bra, but would always remember the sounds of her moans when he brought her to her first orgasm of the evening with his fingers buried in the soft curls between her thighs and his lips latched onto her breast.

He lay on top of her, his body pressed to the full length of hers. She spread her legs beneath him, panting as she moved her hands over his back. His eyes met hers and he asked one final time, the last time before he made her his. “Are you sure you want this?”

She nodded, “Yes. I want this, I want you.”

He licked his lips and had to ask the question he’d often wondered about, “Are you a virgin?”

She blushed a bit, which he found sort of endearing, and when she nodded, he felt a great thrill run through him at knowing that he would be her first lover, the one she would always remember, no matter what happened.

He leaned in and pressed another kiss as he grasped his painfully hard cock in his hand and found her entrance. She grasped his upper arms, her nails biting into the skin, as he slowly pushed inside. He was doing his best to hold off on thrusting inside of her with wild abandon, and he was nearly shaking with his effort to control himself. Her eyes were shut tightly, as she took several deep breaths, trying to control her breathing as he slid a bit more of his length inside her. He rested his forehead against hers when he was finally completely encased within her heat.

“You okay?” he asked, holding himself above her, an arm propped on each side of her head.

She nodded, and squeezed her inner walls, causing both of them to groan, “Yeah.”

He pulled out a bit, and slid back inside, wondering how long he was going to have to keep up this slow pace before she wanted a bit faster. His answer came soon after in the form of her moving her hips against his. “A bit faster,” she said through a breath.

He sped up his thrusts, and she moaned his name for his efforts. Her nails had made crescent marks on his skin and were now making lines down his back. He didn’t complain, however, just kept up his actions. He knew he was close. He could only stand a few more seconds of being buried inside of her when he slid a hand to the nest of curls and toyed with her clit. She stiffened beneath him and moaned into her release, clenching around Draco, that he followed her into his own orgasm.

He was several moments, as they lay staring at one another, Draco still on top of her, that his worries came back. She reached a hand up to his face, stroking over his cheekbone. “We’ll figure it out.”

He rested his head against her shoulder and then rolled onto his back, where she cuddled against him. “I only have one question.”

“What’s that?” she asked as she reached for the quilt at the bottom of the bed.

“What was the theory you were disproving?”

She smiled, “Actually, you made it true.”

“What was it?” he asked, truly curious now.

She shrugged, “My mother always told me that the right boy for me would like me for who I was, not how I looked.”

He smiled, “That’s why you were fixated on what I said?”

She nodded, “Because you like me just the way I am,” she said as she placed a kiss on his jaw.


Request for: sesptwd
One-Three Clichés You Would Like Your Story To Include:
1. Forbidden Love
2. HB/HG shared dorms
3. Suddenly stunning Hermione
Clichés You Really Don't Want, If Any:
1. None
Anything In Particular You Rather Not Write: Draco secretly liking the Muggle world, switching bodies, perfect everything.
Prefer Spoof Or Serious: Serious

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neespence From: neespence Date: June 12th, 2006 01:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Wonderfully written cliche!
chavelaprincess From: chavelaprincess Date: June 12th, 2006 11:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Aww, that was sweet, I loved it!
sesptwd From: sesptwd Date: June 12th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Very well written.
Excellent work with the cliches.
A fic to put a smile on your face.
I loved this.
Thank you very much for writing it.
wafball From: wafball Date: June 28th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
HAHA, I loved what you did with the cliches,
especially the "suddenly stunning Hermione" LOL.
Very well written, loved it!
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