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Unexpected Emotions - Harry Potter - Draco/Hermione - 6/?? - Teasing Wench
ashleyfanfic's Fan Fiction
Unexpected Emotions - Harry Potter - Draco/Hermione - 6/??
Title: Unexpected Emotions
Part: 6/??
Authors: sayyida_jaida and ashleyfanfic
Summary: Draco and Hermione finally tie the knot.
A/N: Big thanks go to Gardengirl for betaing this! Also, I would like to thank my fellow author, sayyida, for making writing such a joy. You're a wonderful person and I couldn't have more fun!

Draco stood staring at the small pond waiting for the wedding to start. Hermione was now fourteen weeks pregnant and was starting to show. She was self-conscious about it, but he thought it was rather cute. Once she had come off bed rest, he'd taken her shopping and bought her an entire new wardrobe to cover the rest of her pregnancy. They'd also started to buy small things for the baby; light blues and yellows seemed to be the theme for the nursery.

He was a bit nervous about the ceremony. He was certain that Weasley would burst in and ruin the entire thing, and then he'd be forced to kill Weasley. He shoved his hands into his pockets as he waited for one of the two members of their wedding party to retrieve him. Lovegood had come through and was standing up as a witness to their union. He got the distinct feeling that Potter was getting pressure from his other half, Ginny Weasley, not to support Hermione in this endeavor. He had to hand it to Potter, though; he'd stuck by Hermione through all of this. He'd really proven that he was a good friend and a good person after all.

They had decided to have the wedding in a small garden a few blocks from their flat. It was the middle of spring and all the flowers were in full bloom, making it even more beautiful. Truth be told, he was just ready to get the ceremony part finished. They'd come a long way and he was ready to make it official.


Hermione smiled as Luna helped her into her dress. It was a simple dress in an antique white made of a soft blend of linen and silk. It hung in loose folds and almost concealed the growing bump of her tummy. Her hair was down and as wild as ever, although she'd attempted to tame it a bit by braiding a crown with some small flowers. She decided to forego make-up, since her skin had grown oilier with the pregnancy, giving her the glow so many people spoke of.

When she was dressed, she looked at Luna.

"Well?" she asked, turning around for her friend's inspection.

"You look beautiful, Hermione," she said with a smile.

"Shall we?" she asked Luna, offering her an arm.

Giggling, the two girls made their way from the flat Hermione and Draco shared to the small park where they were meeting the officiant to begin the ceremony.


Draco looked at his watch and over at Potter, who was talking with the officiant before turning and making his way over to him. "So, nervous?"

"Aren't all grooms?"

Harry shrugged. "Look, you and I don't care for one another. And I know that this isn't exactly how you or Hermione would have liked things to happen, but...I know she loves you. I can't fathom as to why," he said with a pointed look, "but I hope you realize that you're incredibly lucky to have her."

Draco realized that in his own way, Potter was offering his blessing. He nodded and gave a slight smile. "I hope you realize, Potter, how much it means to Hermione that you're here."

Harry nodded, then sighed. "Ginny has been giving me a hard time about it, but I finally told her that I could make my own decisions and she could either stop bothering me about it, or she could leave."

Draco tilted his head, "And?"

"She's been at her parents’ for two days." He shrugged. "We'll work it out. It's not fair or rational to bring what the two of you do into our relationship. She's only seeing one side of the whole thing, and that's Ron's. After what he pulled in the hospital, I'm not exactly on speaking terms with him myself."

Draco sighed. "He's got a lot of nerve."

"He doesn't think he's wrong," Harry said with a frown. "He thinks that this will all blow over and that Hermione will come to her senses. Even after all the horrible things he said to her, he's still delusional enough to think that she'll take him back."

Draco shook his head. "Hell will freeze over."

The officiant nodded to them both, letting them know that he could see Hermione, and that she was ready. Draco took his place in front of the officiant, Harry at his side.

Luna drifted into the park in her normal distracted manner. Hermione smiled, watching her move, noticing how beautiful she looked in the pale blue dress. She'd grown into a very attractive woman. Hermione followed in her wake, her eyes immediately searching out Draco.

She felt like she was floating as she moved towards him and took her place at his side, reaching for his hand. She'd decided against a bouquet as too unwieldy, instead opting to put flowers in her hair at Luna's suggestion.

He brought her hand to his lips and placed a kiss on the back of it, finding it incredibly difficult to tear his eyes away from her. She was stunning in the white dress with the flowers woven into her hair. She was glowing and the smile on her face only made her look more serene.

Hermione smiled and stroked her thumb across the back of his hand as the officiant began the ceremony.

The ceremony was short but Hermione still hardly remembered it, too focused on the man beside her.

The officiant talked about love and patience and how they were both necessary for a marriage to survive. He spoke of compassion, trust, commitment, and, most importantly, compromise. Draco thought that had been great advice. He vowed that if they could they would find a way to compromise and to remember that no matter what, they loved each other. He said his vows, trying to put his emotions into every word he said. He slid the platinum ring onto her finger and smiled as he realized his part was done.

She came out of her daze when they began the actual vows, pledging her love, her life, her fidelity, and her support to Draco. Her voice was clear and steady as she made her vows, smiling broadly at him, and feeling as though they would be forever imprinted on her heart. She took the ring she'd selected for him from Luna’s hand and with a smile, slid it onto his ring finger, watching as it resized itself to fit him perfectly.

He clasped both of her hands in his as they faced one another, and stared into her brown eyes. She was beautiful, and the glow she had only made her more so. He could see it in her eyes that she was truly happy, and he hoped the he would continue to see that look for the rest of his life.

Hermione smiled at Draco as the officiant proclaimed them husband and wife.

Husband. It had a nice ring to it.

"You may kiss the bride," he told Draco.

He cupped her face in his hands and leaned forward to brush his lips against hers. He brushed his tongue against her lips before pulling back and smiling. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she murmured up at him, pulling him down for a more thorough kiss.

As they broke apart, she noticed that the officiant had directed Luna and Harry to sign the parchment, which he would then file for them with the Ministry.

"Well, my husband, shall we take our wedding party to lunch before we go home and consummate the marriage?" she asked with a wink, eying him hungrily. The Healer hadn't cleared Hermione to resume the physical aspects of their relationship until her last visit, which had been two days prior. After some consideration, they'd decided to wait until their wedding night. It seemed like a silly, romantic gesture, but it had made Hermione inordinately pleased for some reason, driving home for her just how deeply Draco cared about her.

He grinned, "Actually, we should ditch them, go home and shag, then take them to lunch."

"Oh, no," Hermione said with a grin. "If you think, even for a second, that after a month of no orgasms for me - a month, I might add, where I entered the crazy, hormonal, mind-in-the-gutter phase of pregnancy - that you're getting a quickie, you have another think coming, Husband. They get a fast lunch, and then we're not getting out of bed until Monday morning," she said in her best bossy tone, with a wink.

He pulled her back against him and kissed her again, this time sliding his tongue into her mouth to dance with her own. His hands slid over her shoulders, then down to her waist, where he wrapped his arms around her. When he pulled away he smiled. "I want you to know that I have no problem with that little idea."

"Somehow, I didn't think you would, love," she said, laying her head on his shoulder.

Luna came over to the newlyweds, a smile on her face. "Congratulations." She beamed at them both a moment. "The officiant needs you to sign the license and then he said he would take it to the Ministry. He promised he wouldn't feed it to the Wingle-dunks, but I'm not sure I believe him. Still, that would be a mixed blessing, since your marriage wouldn't be registered with the Ministry, but the Wingle-dunks are well known for giving a powerful blessing to new unions."

Hermione grinned at Luna. "Well, given that there is already a baby on the way, I think a legal union is more important right now. You know that Wingle-dunks' blessings are really to ensure fertility, and Draco and I don't seem to have that problem."

"That's very true," Luna said seriously.

Hermione grinned at Draco and led him to the officiant, so that they could sign their marriage certificate.

He looked back at Luna, then at his wife . "What the hell is a Wingle-dunk?" He signed the form then handed the quill to Hermione.

"I have absolutely no idea. I have, however, known Luna for years," she said with a giggle.

She looked over at Harry and noticed that he was snickering, too. After all, he'd known Luna just as long.

"So, Harry, where shall we take you and Luna to lunch? Any preferences?"

He shook his head. "Not particularly. Besides, it's your special day, so you two should pick."

Draco looked to Hermione and shrugged. "You're the one with the ever-expanding appetite. What would you like, love?"

"If I told you what sounded good to me, I'm sure you would all make gagging noises. How about Bon Temps? They have a brie and bacon and caramelized onion pizza that sounds good right about now. And saying that makes me wonder if the chef was pregnant when she came up with that idea," she said with a grin.

Draco wrinkled his nose in disgust. That combination didn't sound very appetizing to him. However, he was happy to note that what she really wanted to so go home and have sex with him. He noticed also, that was her first choice. "She had to be, because it sounds disgusting. But we'll get you one, and we'll take the rest home and you can snack on it later," he said with a smile. He extended his arm to Hermione and allowed her to loop hers through his, saying, "Shall we?"

She did loop her arm through his, her fingers stroking lightly over his forearm. "We shall."

She was pleased and amused to see Harry follow suit, offering his arm to Luna. She'd always thought that Luna had been harboring feelings for Harry, but hadn't expressed them because of her friendship for Ginny. If what Luna said was true and Ginny had left Harry, she wouldn't be surprised if those feelings came out into the open.

Bon Temps was only on the other side of the park from their flat, another factor in her selection. Close was good. Close meant they arrived sooner, ate sooner, left sooner, and more importantly, shagged sooner.

Arriving at the restaurant, they were quickly shown a table for four as menus and a wine list were distributed.

Hermione smiled and ordered a glass of apple juice with a smile, as the waiter noticed her bump and grinned back at her.

Draco smiled at the waiter and ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate. He looked over at Hermione. "Sorry you can't have any, love. But I'll make it up to you later," he said with a smile.

She rolled her eyes. "I think one glass of champagne on my wedding day isn't going to hurt anything. In fact, I know it won't. Prohibitions against alcohol are for regular or heavy consumption. And you have other things to make up for later anyway," she said with a wink.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You two are making me sick. Stop it." He looked to the waiter and ordered a beer for himself.

"Shut up, Potter," Draco said as he rested his hand on Hermione's thigh under the table.

Luna giggled and ordered a Shirley Temple and a shot of Yagermeister, which was enough to make Hermione gag.

Her hand found Draco's under the table and she twined her fingers with his, before sliding his hand higher so that it rested on the lace top of her thigh highs, the ridge from the stockings noticeable under the lightweight fabric of her dress.

The waiter walked away, and Draco's fingers twitched over the feel of lace beneath her dress. He looked over at her and grinned. "Naughty minx."

Harry sighed dramatically. "You two need to stop. I really am going to be sick."

"Hush up, Potter," he said as he looked at Harry. "It's been a while for us."

He folded his arms over his chest and pouted a bit. He was currently in the 'no shagging' boat too, which only served to put him on edge. He really had to figure out what to do to get Ginny to see that Ron was a ponce and deserved what he got. He looked over at Luna and gave her a smile, then looked back at Draco, who was staring intently at Hermione.

It was Harry's turn to be subjected to Hermione's eye roll. "You know, Harry, it's usually considered a good thing for the bride and groom to be so affectionate with each other."

"Well, Hermione, that depends on the culture. The Pekilons view all affection after the wedding day as a lack of serious intent. But I would agree that in our culture, affection is prized. That's why I brought these," she said, as she passed a bell over to Harry and smilingly handed one to their waiter, as he returned with their drinks and a basket of hot, fresh bread. "When we ring them, they have to kiss," she said, giving her bell a tinkle, and winking at Hermione.

The waiter smiled and quickly joined in the ringing as he popped the cork on the bottle of champagne and poured out four glasses for the celebrants.

Hermione grinned at Draco and leaned over to kiss him, her arm resting across his shoulders while her tongue traced his lips.

He opened his mouth for her invading tongue and slid his against hers. He noticed that the bells had stopped ringing, but he couldn't seem to be bothered by it.

Her hand left his shoulder and trailed up his neck, fisting his hair to force him to tilt his head. After an eternal moment of lips and teeth, she pulled back in time to hear Harry making gagging sounds that almost sounded real.

Draco didn't take his eyes away from Hermione as he reached for his napkin and tossed it in Harry's direction. When he finally did tear his eyes away from his new bride, he took his glass of champagne and held it up, "I'd like to make a toast to my bride." He took her hand in his free one. "I love you. I love our baby. I love that you said you'd share your life with me. Here's to you, Hermione, may you always know how much I love you."

Hermione blinked back sudden tears, Damn hormones, and picked up her own glass, clinking it with his, and then with Luna’s and Harry's. Smiling, she twined her arm around his in the traditional method for a bridal toast and took a small sip of her champagne.

"Then here's to you, my love. You showed me what it meant to feel alive, and have given me the greatest gift of all, your love. May you always find happiness in your family and know how much we love you."

He clinked his glass with hers, Harry's and Luna's, then linked their arms once more to take a sip. He leaned forward once she finished with her glass and found her lips once more. He pulled away and smiled. "Too bad we can't get the food as takeaway ."

Luna giggled at that. "You know, you haven't ordered yet. You could always just leave us money and Harry and I can toast your absence."

Harry nodded fervently. "Not that I don't love you, Mione, because you know I do, but... I wouldn't mind being spared your sickeningly sweet displays of affection."

Hermione turned a quizzical eye at her husband. "It's up to you, love."

He tilted his head and looked at Harry. "Well, it's a tough one. Take my delectable wife home and shag her, or annoy Potter with our 'sickeningly sweet displays of affection'." He grinned at Hermione, "I think the first one wins, but only just," he said, as he took out a handful of Galleons and handed it to Harry. "Enjoy yourselves," he said as he stood and held out his hand to Hermione. "We'll order from here later and then you can have your pizza."

She winked at Luna and stood, walking around the table to kiss Harry on the cheek. "Thank you for being there for me," she said quietly.

"Wouldn't have missed it for anything, Mione," he said, kissing her cheek back.

Hermione turned to Draco. "Well, then, what are you waiting for," she said with a wink. "I'm surprised you're not tugging me out the door yet."

He shrugged and escorted her to the door, then down the alley beside the building, before he Apparated them to their flat. "I don't have to tug you. You're more than willing to come along," he said with a smile, as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her soundly.

"You're right," she murmured against his lips. Hermione closed her eyes and pressed herself against him, already finding it a bit awkward with her growing bump. She no longer fitted flush against him. He didn't seem to notice, though. At least not in a negative way, so she didn't say anything. She brushed her lips over his, tasting the champagne they'd sipped in the moments they had sat with their friends, knowing that ever after it would be a taste that would trigger her desire.

He slid his hands over her neck, then down to her waist. He moved his kisses along her jaw and rubbed his erection against her growing tummy. It had been far too long since they'd had sex, and he was nearly ready to burst from the anticipation.

Hermione felt his hardness pressing into her and moaned softly in response. Her hand trailed down his chest and pulled up on his shirt, slowly beginning to work the buttons free, wanting to feel his skin against hers.

Once she had all the buttons undone, he quickly shed the shirt and began helping her get rid of her dress. He pulled down on the zipper of her dress and pushed the material off her arms to let it pool on the floor. He sighed against her skin and whispered, "You're so beautiful."

She grinned at him, standing there in her knickers and bra. She'd wanted to wear sexy knickers for her wedding, but it was hard to find them to fit her expanded waist (in comparison to her hips). She'd finally found a white lace thong and matching bra. She had smiled to realize she'd gone up a full cup-size since she'd last purchased bras. The easiest part had been the white lace-topped thigh high stockings.

"I'm glad you still think so." Smiling, she started working on getting him out of his trousers so that they could move this to the bed.

He helped her get his trousers and boxers off, and kicked them to the side. He lifted her and carried her the short distance to the bed, where he laid her against the pillows and lay beside her. He skimmed his fingers over her thighs and up to the white knickers. He leaned down to kiss her as his fingers slipped beneath the white lace and found her wet folds.

Her breath hissed when he touched her, and she cried out softly. "Oh Gods, yes." She was more sensitive than ever before, craving his touch. Smiling, she recognized the drive from the descriptions in the pregnancy book. "That feels even better than I remembered," she said, as her thighs spread for him, inviting him closer.

He slid two fingers inside her as his thumb played over her clit. All the while, his lips moved over her throat down to her breasts. He kissed the top of one and looked up at her. "Still sore?"

"Not as much, no," she said, her back arching at the feel of his hot breath on her skin.

He gave a generous swipe to both breasts before sucking a tiny nub into his mouth and continued to pump his fingers inside her, driving her closer to the brink.

Hermione felt like she was falling too fast, spiraling out of control. After a month in which she'd been forbidden sexual release by the Healers, she'd become more and more frustrated, her rampaging hormones demanding something she couldn't provide. But now, as though her body was making up for lost time, Draco's lightest touch was sending her into a frenzied state, thrusting against his hand and crying out his name.

As she continued thrusting against his fingers, he switched to the other breast, making sure to give it the same attention as the first. They had grown larger since the last time they'd made love, and he had to admit that he'd take her either way. He looked down at his fingers disappearing inside of her, and noticed the bump that had formed. For some reason, that turned him on more than anything else had ever done. He thought it probably had to do with knowing that he was responsible for it. It was a feeling of pride that he felt as he left her breasts and dragged his lips over the new protrusion. He rubbed his nose against her skin, smiling at the thought of their baby being inside.

Hermione felt like she was wetter than she had ever been before, but it occurred to her that it could be that she was still wearing her lace knickers, and they were soaking wet. Draco's touch seemed to speak of a combination of adoration and need; it was almost reverent the way he kissed her growing belly. She looked down at his face while he continued stroking into her with his fingers, and groaned, her sheath beginning to clench on his fingers.

He sped up his thrusts, making sure to find her g-spot and stroke it with his questing fingers. He could feel her walls tightening and knew she was close. He looked up at her, a small smile on his face. "Come for me, love."

Hermione heard his demand, and complied, crying out as her orgasm overtook her, her whole body seizing up for a moment before she was flooded by sweet release.

He slowly removed his fingers and crouched between her thighs to peel off her knickers. He rubbed his cock against her dripping slit before he buried himself in her heat. "Hermione," he moaned as he began thrusting inside her.

His fingers felt good. His cock was better. Hermione's back arched, her shoulders lifting off the bed as he filled her completely. "Draco," she grunted as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him against her, rubbing her breasts against the smooth plains of his chest.

He rolled his hips against hers as he leaned down and kissed her. His tongue slid against hers as he looped one of her legs over his forearm, allowing him to slide deeper inside her.

She sighed against his lips. She'd never before really understood why both Muggle and Wizard law insisted on sexual congress to complete a marriage bond. Now she did. Draco was an amazing shag; he had been from the first time they'd fucked, the night she'd conceived. But there was something so incredibly intimate in this first time as husband and wife. It wasn't that it felt any different physically. Or at least, she didn't think it did. Rather, it was an emotional intimacy, knowing that they were now a family. Forever.

She looked into his stormy grey eyes and wondered for a moment if he felt it, too. Then he hit her g-spot and she couldn't think about anything but the way their bodies were moving together. Her head dropped back and she cried out, her fingers tightening on his shoulders. "I love you!"

He buried his face in her neck as he felt her walls milk him of his own release. He stayed there, placing soft kisses over her skin, as he tried to catch his breath. He realized that he might be hurting her and rolled to his back, bringing her with him to rest on top of him.

It felt awkward to lay on top of him with her growing belly, but it was worth it. She wanted him in her as long as possible. Leaning down, she kissed him, before dropping her head to his shoulder. "So, husband, what would you like to do with the rest of the day? Keep in mind that you need to feed your pregnant wife soon," she said with a grin.

He brushed his fingers over her skin. "What would my beautiful wife like for her husband to get for her?"

"Depends. Do you want to stay here or go out? I am willing to do either," she said, as she trailed her fingers over his face and through his hair.

He grinned and moved his hands down to her arse. "I'm perfectly happy right here."

Hermione chuckled at that. "Yes, you seem quite happy indeed. Maybe we should take this into the kitchen and cook together?"

He brushed his lips against the top of her head, "However, I'll get you whatever you like. Even if it means I must leave this warm bed, and you, for a short time."

She tilted her head up and looked at Draco. " I say we go out and get something. I don't want to cook, and I don't want to be apart from you. But somewhere casual. I think maybe it's time to show our faces in the wizarding world. Maybe the Leaky Cauldron? I could stand some of Tom's fish and chips. And then maybe an ice cream at Fortescue’s...."

He nodded. "I told you. Whatever you want, although I do see it causing quite the stir."

She looked at him and shrugged. "Love, we're married now. What can they say? That I trapped you? Fine. Let them. You know I didn't plan this. That you forced me? We already went through that and have an Auror report to prove otherwise. Do you want to hide away for the rest of your life? You don't have to, love. You have me. I'm a Gryffindor, remember? Brave and loyal to the end," she said with a smile. "We'll take them on together. Besides, someday, I want your son to be proud of his heritage. From both sides. Maybe not as proud as you were, but proud, nonetheless."

He smiled and brushed his fingers over her cheek. "I wasn't saying anything like that. I was only suggesting that we haven't actually come out and confirmed that we're together. That's the part that would cause a stir." He shrugged. "If people don't like it, I really don't care."

Hermione grinned at him. "Well, then, let's go cause a stir. I haven't had a chance to do that in a while. I think we should let people know that we're married. I want everyone to know how happy you make me."

"Well, you are on top of me, not that I'm complaining, but it does make us leaving fully dressed hard."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, then, I clearly need to move." She pushed herself off him and moved toward the wardrobe to dress casually, though carefully, for their appearance in one of the hubs of the wizarding world.

He sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her as she dressed. He couldn't be bothered to dress himself at the moment, as he was enjoying the unobstructed view he had of her. She was glowing, but this time from both the baby and good sex. He allowed his eyes to trail over her from head to toe, and it was all he could do not to pull her back to bed and tell her to forget everything but him. His eyes stopped on her bump, and realized that she probably was very hungry, given that she was eating for two. He finally pushed himself up from the bed, walked to the wardrobe, and removed a blue button down shirt and grey trousers.

Hermione smiled and slid into a sundress that left her shoulders bare. It was made of soft rayon that swirled loosely around her legs but did nothing to disguise her growing bump. She turned to Draco and stood on her tiptoes, stretching up to kiss him after she slipped on her shoes. "Love you."

He leaned down to kiss her, both arms wrapping around her and holding her tightly against him., "Love you, too."

"You know, today was nothing like I pictured... at least after the ceremony. But somehow, it was still perfect."

He grinned. "Are you happy?"

"No. I'm well past happy. Somewhere closer to ecstatic." She grew serious a moment. "I have a family again. You, me, and our baby.""

He nodded, then sighed as he rubbed a hand over the bump. "You're not only my family, you're my best friend." He leaned in to kiss her again. "Thank you for giving me the chance."

She smiled. "What else could I do? By the time I actually made the decision, you'd grown on me. I never stood a chance. Enough," she said, as her tummy growled audibly. "I'm starving here. Or Junior is. Let's go!"

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "I'm assuming that you'd like to Apparate?"

She rolled her eyes. "I'll race you," and with that, she took the short step and Apparated to the Leaky Cauldron.

He arrived only a second after she did. He shook his head then took her hand. "You know, if you're going to race, you should give the other person fair warning first."

She threw her head back and laughed. "Sorry, love, my concept of fairness was forever changed by the war. And you only say that because you lost."

He shrugged. "I say that because it's true, despite the fact that I lost."

She chuckled and led the way to a table in the middle of the floor where everyone could see them. She couldn't help but notice a number of people turning their heads to look at them. It wasn't long before Tom hurried over to take their orders.

"Hermione," he greeted her with a smile.

"Hello, Tom."

"What can I get you?"

"The usual. Although I'll have apple juice instead of the beer."

"So it's true, then?" he asked curiously, before blushing and turning away.

"Yes, Tom. I'm pregnant. It's true."

"And... he's the father," he said, indicating Draco with a nod of his head.

"Yes. Draco is the father. We married this morning, in fact."

Tom beamed at her. "Well then, congratulations are in order! What can I get for you, Mr. Malfoy?"

Draco noticed the proud gleam in Hermione's eye, and smiled to himself. He opened the menu and looked it over. "I'll have the pea soup."

"Very good, sir. Anything to drink?"

He nodded. "Firewhiskey."

Tom nodded and left them at their table. Slowly, people turned back to their own food and gave the newlyweds some peace.

Hermione grinned as her stomach growled.

"I think it's time to add a fourth meal into my day," she said with a smile. "Have you been here often?"

He shook his head and stared at his hands. "Afraid not. My father detested this place, as he saw it as the gateway to the Muggle world. Avoided it at all costs." He looked at her. "I've been here since, though."

Hermione nodded thoughtfully. "I'm sure he did. Not only that, but it's not exactly a high society sort of place, is it? But I've been coming here since we were eleven. Tom watched over Harry for quite some time one summer, and I've stayed here on occasion for longer times, too. This place was almost like another home to me."

He stared at her. He was amazed by how much he learned about her every day. They hadn't actually been together that long, but it seemed to him that there was still so much he didn't know about her, and he wondered if he would ever learn it all. "They have good soup. I get it every time. I don't know why I even look at the menu."

She grinned at that. "You noticed I don't. I always get one of two things here. Cottage pie or fish and chips. Depends on my mood and what kind of comfort I want."

He smiled. "Good to know. In case you need something from here in the middle of the night, I can fetch it for you."

She reached across the table and took his hand. "You'd do that for me?" she asked quietly. "I'm touched. So... have you thought of any names for your son?"

He smiled. "Of course I would. I'm responsible for your current state, am I not?" He shook his head. "Not a one. You?"

"Well... I would like to name him after Sirius. He was a good friend to us. Harry and me, I mean. The summer before fifth year, he and I talked a lot. Not even other people from the Order knew how much we talked. He really helped me understand wizarding culture. And he was your cousin. It just seems appropriate somehow...."

He shrugged. "Middle name is fine. We should get a baby names book."

She giggled at that. "Muggle or wizard?"

He grinned. "Both."

"All right."

Just then, Tom brought out their orders and Hermione ravenously dug into her fish, a beatific smile on her face.

Draco watched her eat for a moment before he began eating his soup. She really seemed to enjoy the fish, and he couldn't fathom why. Growing up, he'd been introduced to the finest foods; his mother never would have put 'fish and chips' on their table. Instead they had delicacies from around the world, and it had given Draco a very selective palate. However open he was to trying new things, 'fish and chips' would have to remain a mystery because he couldn't see putting that in his mouth.

"Feel better?"

"Infinitely," she said with a smile, the edge taken off her appetite. "Would you like to try a bit?" she asked, indicating the slab of battered cod on her plate.

He shook his head. "No, you can have all of it."

She smiled at him. "You're so good to your pregnant bride," she said as she took another bite. She ate quickly, and before long only batter crumbs remained on her plate. She sat back and sighed softly. "Can we go to the bookstore as long as we're here?" she asked hopefully.

He was only half finished by the time she had practically cleared her plate. He smiled at the content look on her face and continued to eat his soup and nodded. "Of course. We can get books about how to baby proof a flat for a magical baby."

She smiled at that. "I don't think we need to worry about baby-proofing the flat yet. I'd say we have at least a year until it's an issue. But all right. There are a couple of other books I wanted to pick up, too, for a bit of light reading. Is there anything you'd like to do while we're out?"

He thought for a moment then shook his head. "Not that I can think of."

She grinned. "All right. Books, then ice cream, then we go home and shag."

He smiled thinking that ice cream would be great. He pushed his bowl away and left the money on the table to cover their tab and a tip, then stood and extended his hand to her. They walked out of the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley, then made their way to Flourish and Blotts.

Flourish and Blotts was packed as they entered, and Hermione went immediately toward the charms section to see if one of the new books she'd seen reviewed was in. Finding it, she hurried on to check for a book specific to metal transfiguration that one of the goblins had mentioned might help her in her research.

That taken care of, she went to the Health section to look for books on pregnancy for witches, finding several.

She looked around for Draco and found him in the Baby section, one aisle over. "Find anything?"

He nodded as he help up a book about baby proofing. "This," he said with a smile. "I just think we should be prepared ahead of time."

She grinned. "Far be it from me to discourage preparedness. Any name books?"

He tilted his head to read a few titles. "Baby Names and their Meanings, The Stars Align: What Your Baby's Name Means for Its Future, and Baby Needs a Name: Your Ultimate Guide. I think the first one is the one we should get."

She shrugged. "That works for me. Ready for ice cream?" she asked, as they made their way toward the register.

He took her books from her and carried them to the front, where he handed them to the clerk who rang them up. Draco paid and took Hermione's hand as they made their way across to the ice cream parlor. He pulled a chair out for Hermione and placed the bag with their books at her feet. "What would you like?"

Hermione looked at the board with the flavor selections and contemplated. Berry Pizzazz or something very chocolaty... decisions, decisions. Finally, she decided to compromise. "I'd like a scoop of Death Defying Super Dark Extreme Chocolate and a scoop of Mint Madness with raspberry topping and whipped cream," she said with a grin.

He nodded, walked up to the counter, ordered Hermione's ice cream, and decided on a hot fudge sundae for himself. He carried them both to their table and sat down across from her. "How's that?"

"Perfect," she said, taking a bite of the chocolate. "Absolutely perfect. How's yours?"

He took a spoonful then smiled. "Perfect too." He couldn't help but notice that they were getting looks, and particularly nasty ones, from two older witches about three tables away. He sent them a sneer and they quickly began talking between themselves, obviously about him and Hermione. He sighed and turned back to Hermione. He didn't care what people thought, mostly, but he'd hate it if they were speaking badly about Hermione.

Hermione heard the sigh and looked at him. "What's wrong, my love?"

He shook his head and smiled. "Nothing. Just ready to get back home and to what we do best."

"Argue?" she asked with a smile. "Oh, wait, you and I managed to outgrow that phase of our relationship. You must be referring to sex."

He grinned. "I am, indeed, referring to sex."

She smirked at that. "Fine, but I want to be on top this time."

He tilted his head at her. "Believe me, I want you to be on top. I like watching you ride me."

She stood from the table and reached for his hand, bending to pick up the bag of books. "Shall we?"

He stopped her from picking up the bag, took it in his own hand and hers in his free one, "We shall."

Hermione grinned and squeezed his hand, Apparating them to the flat so that they landed right next to the bed. "So, my love," she said as she stretched, feeling her vertebrae realign, before turning on him. She, gave him a rough push which sent him sprawled onto the bed, before she playfully leaped on top of him. "I should warn you, the hormones are fully engaged now, and I'm feeling a bit... naughty. Think you can keep up?"

He grinned and slid his hands up her sundress. "I think there's only one way to find out," he said, before he leaned in and kissed her.

Hermione smiled and pressed back into his hands while she nibbled at his lips, tasting the hot fudge from his sundae. Her hands reached for the hem of her dress and she pulled it off quickly over her head. Wanting to feel his skin against hers, she quickly moved to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

He slid his hands over her now bare skin and captured her bottom lip between his own, before releasing her mouth and moving to her jaw. His hands moved up to her breasts, where he ran his fingers lightly over her nipples.

"Merlin, that feels good," she hissed softly, leaning down to rub against him. She lifted her hips and moved her hands to begin removing his trousers, wanting to see him naked. She fully intended to drive him crazy with desire now that it was their wedding night.

He removed his shirt and moved his hands back to her breasts as she began rubbing herself against him.

Very slowly she began backing down his body, a smirk on her face.

"You are officially mine now. I want to see what I got," she said with a wink. When she was even with his waist, she worked at loosening his belt and button and lowering the zip of his trousers before tugging them down his hips.

She smiled as his cock was freed, backing lower still, until she could pull his clothing completely off. Kneeling at his feet, she surveyed the expanse of pale flesh. Slowly, she began working her way back up his body, placing kisses along his calves and knees until she was once more even with his cock.

He folded both arms under his head, allowing her free access to his body. He didn't want her to feel pressured to do anything she didn't want to do, so he remained still beneath her as she placed kisses along his legs. Every kiss was like torture, as all he wanted was to be buried inside her.

Hermione looked at his cock and licked her lips. She hadn't done this in years, and even then only done it a few times with Viktor and once with Ron. When neither of them seemed interested in reciprocating, she'd given it up. But Draco had proven willing to use his tongue on her, so she decided it was time to return the favor.

She wet her lips more thoroughly and looked up at him, giving him a playful wink before swiping her tongue slowly across the head and dragging it down the length of his shaft.

His eyes rolled back in his head as he let out a low groan. He tried not to thrust into her mouth, and only barely resisted the urge.

Hermione was pleased by his reaction, and used her tongue to lick his shaft harder, tracing over the throbbing vein that ran up the underside, before swirling the flat of her tongue along the ridge at the head. She licked across the tip, tasting his leaking precum, enjoying his unique flavor.

He couldn't even form words, just basic grunts, as her skilled tongue worked over him.

"Hmm..." she moaned softly, knowing that the vibrations of the vocalization would feel good on his length as she slowly sucked him into her mouth.

He removed his hands from behind his head and grasped the sheet in his hands as his hips bucked slightly. He was slowing losing the fight with his own body.

She smiled internally as he moved his hands, thinking that he was quite considerate to have not buried them in her hair. She picked up the pace, her mouth sliding up and down on his cock while her hands came up to cup his sac, gently squeezing and rolling his balls.

He gazed dazedly down at her. "Hermione... gods, that's... fuck," he hissed.

She could tell he was close and decided to push him over the edge. Looking up, she met and held his eyes while she slowly sucked his entire shaft into her mouth, swallowing when he hit the back of her throat, until her lips were pressed against his balls. Fighting the urge to gag (or breathe) she swallowed once more so that her throat muscles tightened on his head.

He groaned as he came, the muscles of her throat and mouth milking him of his release.

Hermione felt his seed spurt into her throat, and pulled back so that the last of his release flooded her mouth. She swallowed and smiled up at him, slowly crawling the rest of the way up his body and pillowing her head on his shoulder. "Was that all right?" she asked self-consciously.

"That was bloody fucking amazing," he panted as his hands stroked over her body, happy to touch her. He wanted to give her the same pleasure she had given him, rolled her to her back and slid down her body, stopping to kiss and lick at her breasts.

Hermione groaned and arched into his kisses, her breasts lifting toward him as he sucked gently on her nipples.

He drifted lower, kissing his way down her stomach to her drenched curls. He licked her from arse to clit, and then sucked the little nub into his mouth, brushing his teeth over it as he slid two fingers inside her.

Hermione's hips bucked clear off the bed when he used his tongue on her clit. She was so turned on, whether from hormones or from watching him come she didn't know, and his light touches were driving her insane.

He slid his fingers along her upper wall and slid his other hand over her abdomen to her breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers. He could feel himself growing hard again as he listened to her cries above him. She tasted of them mixed together, which only caused his cock to swell faster in response.

She gritted her teeth, wanting to scream, and finally couldn't take it anymore. "Draco!" she shouted, her slit squeezing his fingers, one leg draping over his shoulder to hold his mouth to her. She could feel a puddle of wetness under her arse as her body begged for him to take her.

Even after she came, he continued sucking her clit and thrusting his fingers inside her. He wanted to watch her come again, and he wouldn't stop until she did.

Hermione's body writhed on the bed under his ministrations, still shaking from her first climax as she began to climb to another peak.

He added a third finger and searched for her g-spot as he rubbed his erection against the bed, aching for just a bit of relief. He found the little bud inside her and pressed his fingers against it, stroking with a firm pressure as his teeth moved over her clit.

She felt her eyes roll back into her head as a second orgasm rocketed through her. "Fuck, Draco!"

He removed his fingers, sucking each one into his mouth to consume her essence, and then slid up the bed to lie beside her. His lips found the skin of her neck as his hand rested on her bump.

Hermione sighed softly in contentment and turned to face him. "I love you," she whispered, a smile on her face. Her hand came down so that her fingers could twine with his, and she stroked their hands over where the baby was growing. "Thank you, love."

He kissed her on the cheek and smiled. "You're more than welcome. However, you did say you wanted to be on top."

She grinned, her hand stroking down his chest. "Are you ready?" she asked, as she reached his cock, finding it hard and waiting. "Indeed, seems you are."

Leaning over him, she kissed him, tasting herself on his lips while she slowly inched her body down his cock. Her head dropped back and she groaned.

He gripped her hips and groaned as he was sheathed inside her. He bucked his hips against hers in time with her thrusts, and slid one hand over her body up to her breasts, where he flicked his thumb over her nipple.

Hermione sped up her pace, her body demanding that she ride him hard. She arched her back, changing the angle, and all of a sudden his cock was hitting that spot inside that she never would have found if it hadn't been for Draco. Moaning, she slammed herself onto him, her body shuddering its release, her cunt gripping his cock.

He groaned as her walls squeezed his cock, and he held onto her hips tightly as he thrust into her a few more times before he came as well. He groaned her name, and rolled them to the side where his lips found hers.

Her head pillowed on his arm, Hermione kissed Draco deeply, still joined. Her eyes felt heavy and her cunt felt swollen from all the activity. With a yawn, she felt herself drifting into sleep.

"I love you," she murmured softly.

He smiled and brushed his fingers softly over her cheek. He whispered, "I love you too, my beautiful bride."

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Fabulous story! In the wait for chapter 18 of "Beautiful Disaster," I read "Figured You Out" and now you have me doubly as addicted. Bah.

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